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California State Government June 2, 1998 Primary
Harold H. Bloomfield, MD

Candidate for Governor

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Biographical Highlights
  • Party: Natural Law
  • Occupation: Physician/Psychiatrist/Best selling author
  • Author of 17 books including
  • Healing Anxiety with Herbs
  • Hypericum (St. John's Wort) and Depression
  • Making peace with Your Parents
  • Transendental Meditation
  • How to Survive the Loss of a Love
Top Priorities if Elected
  • Implement preventive health care and herbal medicine to cut costs by 50%
  • Education must unfold the inner genius and emotional literacy of every student
  • Eliminate special interest influence through comprehensive campaign and election reforms
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Political Philosophy

Campaign Contact Information
Position Papers
Preventive Health Care and Herbal MedicineŚWorking draft of legislation
I invite you to comment on the following working draft of a bill promoting preventive health care and herbal medicine, which can lower our health care costs by 50%, and ensure a more healthy and productive population. The savings from this bill alone could fund essential reforms in education and still have money left to support several other programs and tax cuts.

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