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Sara Amir has been an active resident of Los Angeles of 17 years, the past 13 years working for the state in the environmental protection field. She is currently a Supervising Hazardous Waste Scientist at the Department of Toxic Substances Control, Site Mitigation Program, in Glendale, overseeing that toxic cleanups meet state and federal regulations for soil and groundwater.

After earning a B.S. in biology from Tehran University in 1970, Sara worked for the Tehran Regional Water Board as a microbiologist. Four years later, she left Iran to continue her studies in the United States. In 1976, she received a master's degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Meanwhile in Iran, the Shah's escalated repression of the labor and student movements continued. The monarchy crumbled and Sara felt compelled to return and take part in the social and political struggle that ensued. She provoked the new regime by her refusal to wear the Muslim cover hejab, becoming a leader among her female coworkers.

"When the situation became brutally repressive, resulting in the torture and killing of many people, I ran for my life."

Sara returned to Los Angeles and went to work for the California Air Resources Board as an environmental engineer. She was also appointed to the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Committee, ensuring the state's compliance with affirmative action law. In May of 1990, Sara started working at the Department of Toxic Substances Control.

A US citizen since 1987, Sara takes her citizenship seriously. She led sexual harassment workshops at UCLA and, as Women's Program Coordinator, led similar workshops for state employees. Following the LA uprising in 1992, Sara established a process to assist area businesses in obtaining environmental and other permits through the Office of Revitalization. From 1992-94, Sara represented he co-workers in the Professional Scientists Union in contract negotiations with the state.

Sara is married and has been a registered Green since 1994. She is pro-choice, pro-public education, pro-affirmative action, for gun control, universal health care and against the death penalty. She subscribes to the 10 key values and the platform of the Green Party of California.

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