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Orange County, CA June 2, 1998 Primary

Additional Endorsements for Tony Rackauckas

Candidate for District Attorney


This information is provided by the candidate



Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorney's (175 Members)
Association of California Women Prosecutors
Anaheim Police Officers Association (380 Members)
Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (1300 Members)
Association of Deputy Marshals of Orange County (ADMOC)
Brea Police Officers Association
Buena Park Police Officers Association
California Coalition of Law Enforcement Association (75,000 Members)
California Narcotic Officer's Association
California Marshals Association
Costa Mesa Police Officers Association
Fountain Valley Police Officers Association
Fullerton Police Officers Association
Garden Grove Police Officers Association
La Habra Police Officers Association
La Palma Police Officers Association
Latino Peace Officers Association (National, State, County)
Los Angeles Professional Peace Officers Association (4,800 Members)
Newport Beach Police Employees Association
Placentia Police Officers Association
Santa Ana Police Officers Association (400 Members)
Tustin Police Officers Association
Westminster Police Officers Association
Southern Ca Alliance of Law Enforcement (SCALE) (15,000 Members)

Cynthia Alley
Kay Anderle
Dennis D. Bauer
Ed Berkovich
Steve Bickel
John Bishop
Dave Brent
Michael Carre
Victoria Chen
Michelle Clesceri
Dennis Conway
Stephanie Deamon
Cher DeCant
Joe D'Agostino
Patrick H. Donahue
Chris Evans
William Feccia
Jeff Ferguson
Mike Flory
Richard Fulton
James Gailliot
Baden Gardner
Nat Glover
Diane Gomez
Gregory Gulen
Howard Gundy
Mary Ann Hall
Rebecca Heinlein
Daniel J. Hess
Teresa Hicks
Michael A. Jacobs
Lance Jensen
John M. Johnson
Rick King
David Kirkpatrick
Stephen H. Kirsch
Gerry Kochendorfer
John Koughan
Mike Koski
Marc G. Labreche
John Lett
Mike Lubinski
Jack Luster
Mike Major
James P. Marion
Paul P. McBride
Mary Anne McCauley
Craig McKinnon
Dan McNerney
Chuck Middleton
Larry Manchester
Kim Menninger
Elizabeth Molfetta
Carol Mona
Bruce Moore
Joe Nedza
Jay Newell
Robert Nguyen
Paul Odwald
Michael J. Pear
Dale Pierce
Greg Robischon
Marc Rozenberg
Devallis Rutledge
Paul Sanchez
Patty Sanchez
Stephan Sauer
Karen Schatzle
Sean Stafford
Claudia Silbar
Joe Smith
Charlie Spinella
Dave Stewart
Terri Stout
Jan Sturla
Jack Sullens
David Tuttle
Phillip A. Tuttle
John Walsh
Arnold D. Westra
Doug Woodsmall
Steven Yonemura
William Scott Zidbeck

The individuals listed above are employed by the District Attorney's Office. They are not endorsing on behalf of the District Attorney's Office.


United States Congressman Ed Royce
United States Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
United States Congressman Ron Packard
Senator Ross Johnson
Assemblyman Dick Ackerman
Assemblyman Jim Morrisey
Assemblyman Curt Pringle
Chairman of the O.C. Board of Supervisors Jim Silva
Supervisor, Third District Todd Spitzer
Supervisor, Fourth District William Steiner
Mayor Don Bankhead-City of Fullerton
Mayor Christina Shea-City of Irvine
Mayor Patricia Bates-City of Laguna Niguel
Mayor Dorothy Rush-City of La Habra
Mayor Charlene Hatakeyama-City of La Palma
Mayor Susan Withrow-City of Mission Viejo
Mayor Joanne Coontz-City of Orange
Mayor James S. Dahl-City of San Clemente
Mayor Gil Jones-City of San Juan Capistrano
Mayor David Shawver-City of Stanton
Mayor Jeff Thomas-City of Tustin
Mayor-Richard A. Freschi-City of Villa Park
Mayor Pro-Tem Lou Lopez-City of Anaheim
Mayor Pro-Tem Jan Flory-City of Fullerton
Mayor Pro-Tem Linda Lindholm-City of Laguna Niguel
Mayor Pro-Tem Sherry Butterfield-City of Mission Viejo
Mayor Pro-Tem Lois R. Berg-City of San Clemente
Mayor Pro-Tem John Greiner-City of San Juan Capistrano
Mayor Pro-Tem Harry M. Dotson-City of Stanton
Mayor Pro-Tem Patricia Bortle-City of Villa Park
Council Member Tom Tait-City of Anaheim
Council Member Bob Zemel-City of Anaheim
Council Member Steve Berry-City of Buena Park
Council Member F. Richard Jones, M.D.-City of Fullerton
Council Member Julie Sa-City of Fullerton
Council Member Ho Chung-City of Garden Grove
Council Member Mark Leyes-City of Garden Grove
Council Member Ken Maddox-City of Garden Grove
Council Member Greg Smith-City of Irvine
Council Member David Christensen-City of Irvine
Council Member Steve Anderson-City of La Habra
Council Member John Holmberg
Council Member Mark Goodman-City of Laguna Niguel
Council Member Eddie Rose-City of Laguna Niguel
Council Member Mimi Walters-City of Laguna Niguel
Council Member Ken Blake-City of La Palma
Council Member Paul Walker-City of La Palma
Council Member William S. Craycraft -City of Mission Viejo
Council Member Tom Potocki-City of Mission Viejo
Council Member Larry Smith-City of Mission Viejo
Council Member Mike Alvarez-City of Orange
Council Member Mark Murphy-City of Orange
Council Member Mike Spurgeon-City of Orange
Council Member Joe Anderson-City of San Clemente
Council Member Steve Apodaca-City of San Clemente
Council Member Collene Campbell-City of San Juan Capistrano
Council Member Wyatt Hart-City of San Juan Capistrano
Council Member David M. Swerdlin-City of San Juan Capistrano
Council Member Al Ethans-City of Stanton
Council Member Mike Doyle-City of Tustin
Council Member Joseph S. Barsa-City of Villa Park
Council Member Tony Lam-City of Westminster


Augie Alvarez-President of Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs
Tom L. Barcelo-State Fundraising Chairman-National Latino Peace Officers Association, State of California
Don Blankenship-President Santa Ana Police Officers Association
Lou Bone-President of Tustin Chamber of Commerce
Bruce Bottolfson-President Anaheim Police Officers Association
Collene Campbell, Director of M.O.V.E. (Memory Of Victims Everywhere)
Mark Cheung-Former President O.C. Asian American Bar Association
Ed Conner-President O.C. Bar Association
Larry Crandall-President Fountain Valley School Board
M.J. Di Carlo-Former President Republican Women's Federated
Michael DuFresne-Treasurer of Fullerton Police Officers Association
Dale Dykema-President of the Lincoln Club
Grace Emery-President of California Women Lawyers Association
Marcus Frank-President of Westminster Police Officers Association
Tom Giffin-PAC Chairman of Association of County Deputy Sheriffs
Roger Grable-Former President O.C. Bar Association
Donald Gray-Former President African American Bar Association
Jim Hayes-President Buena Park Police Officers Association
Vern Hunt-Former President of Lincoln Club
Jennifer Keller-Former President of Orange County Bar Association
Howard Klein-Vice President of Lincoln Club
Lincoln Club
Dan Llorens-President of Fountain Valley Police Officers Association
Vern Mangels-President La Habra Police Officers Association
Rudy Mena-Chairman California Marshal's Association Political Action Committee
Gordon Margulies-President of Tustin Police Officers Association
Joe Miramontes-President-Latino Peace Officer's Association
Eric Nunez-President of La Palma Police Officers Association
Michael Schroeder-State Chairman Republican Party
Shawn Steel-Treasurer of California Republican Party
Edward S. Thaete-Chairman Anaheim Police Officers Association Political Action Committee
Bruce Prince-President of Garden Grove Police Officers Association
Richard Pascarella-President of Placentia Police Officers Association


Milton Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Trust Funds Administrator, So. Calif. Pipe Trades Administrative Corp.
Orange County Central Labor Council, A.F.L.-C.I.O.
United Association Local 250
United Association Local 582
United Association of Plumbers Pipefitters Union
United Association of Pipefitters Union


Fred Goldman
Collene Campbell

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